Is your site search engine friendly?  Can your visitors find your site on the internet?

Most websites use some manner of Content Management System (CMS) that will afford a basic level of SEO friendly integration.  WordPress – used here for this site and popular across a broad spectrum of site types – is regarded as being very SEO friendly.

One of the many advantages of WordPress is its extensibility.  There are plugins available that will help assess how “friendly” your content is with regards to SEO.  Yoast is one such plugin.


A crucial task when crafting SEO friendly content is to write natural content for each page, keeping in mind keywords but making sure NOT TO KEYWORD STUFF your naturally written page copy.  Use available tools to monitor how well your content is written.

Next on the list is all things Google.

Since most people use Google one must make sure to register with and take advantage of the myriad of tools and services Google offers.  Remember, Google wants you to do well because Google makes more money when you do well (and spend more, hopefully on Google).

Google My Business


Google Analytics

Google Adwords

Google Search

Google Adsense

and many more.

Now get ready to share!