Blockchain!  There is a lot of buzz around blockchain technology.  I will be exploring the topic here.

What is Blockchain?  (distributed ledger)

Is it Bitcoin?  (no.  Blockchain was created by the founders of Bitcoin in order to implement Bitcoin)

Aussie Blockchain Cryptokitties

I was in this band called Aussie Blockchain Cryptokitties back in college.  We were so /\/\etal. I have a philosophical post agitating in my mind about the private network applications of blockachain technology.  I thought I would lead with"Bitcoin goes higher and...

“BLOCKCHAIN” by Artemis Caro

I decided recently to try a new tablet.  I've had a 10" Samsung Galaxy Tab A for several years and it is slow, and not new, and the 16 GB memory is a limitation. I purchased an Amazon HD Fire 8 and decided to try their "Kindle unlimited" offer.  I can then...