DSX is a legacy real time text indexing database in use by the publishing industry.

Some users choose to develop and deploy custom applications to integrate the news retrieval and display within their own content management environment.

TQuist has developed several custom applications to access news within DSX:

  • Basic PHP
  • WordPress
  • Joomla

DSX solutions can be viewed separately on the DSXNEWS website.

DSX is a suite of technology products.  The WordPress plugin solution is implemented on this site and page.  The Offbeat News on display is just one of many news feeds available from Associated Press through Newsfinder.

Associated Press uses DSX to provide an embargoed news database to non-daily news market members.  The custom DSX web based interface allows administrators to tag the incoming news feed with relevant subjects for easier review by users.

End users can then further filter the 24 hour embargoed news for export into traditional print publishing systems or other online content management systems.

If you a publisher in the niche or non-daily market and want quality Associated Press news on your site then contact Newsfinder today.