TQuist Digital Presence Guide

There are many places to start when considering your company’s digital presence. 

Where does your company exist digitally?

  • Website
  • Mobile site
  • App – iOS and Android

What is the purpose of your business with respect to your digital presence?  (multiple purposes may apply)

  • information?
  • transaction / ecommerce
  • blog
  • customer portal

Why do users visit your site or application?

  • What will they do when they get there?
  • Bounce elsewhere if there by accident
  • interact with content until reaching a . . .
  • call to action on each page

CTAs – Calls to Action.  A Call to Action is what a visitor is intended to do on your website.  If you sell widgets, then your call to action on a product page might be placing a quantity of the product in the shopping cart.  If you run a blog then your call to action might be viewing a relevant article elsewhere on your site.  On this page, for example, there is a link to the next page of useful information concerning your Digital Presence.

Always think about your content’s purpose.  Some popular calls to action include:

  • contact
  • purchase
  • signup
  • acknowledge helpful
  • click to next article

A thorough site review should be performed to make sure calls to action are properly in place for each page.

Click here for information on search engine friendly sites!


Search Engine Optimization refers to your sites visibility on the internet.  How well do you rank for search terms (keywords) potential customers / users might use on a daily basis?

Check out Wikipedia’s page on Search engine optimization and how it relates to the other facets of Internet Marketing.